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PCLinux OS has been around since 2003, and is one of the distributions of Linux that are termed “rolling distributions”.

After installation you are asked about timezone and UTC/local time, you set a root password, and then set up at least one user.

When setting passwords for root and any users, there is no strength check provided.

Like many other rpm-based Linux distributions, PCLinux OS doesn’t disable the root password and use “sudo”; to carry out administrative tasks you switch from a regular user to root.

One issue is that my resolution initially was set too low, to 1024×768.

Printer support, especially for HP printers, is ready “out of the box.” My printer was no trouble to detect and add to the list.

If your goal is software development, the repositories include IDEs and files to work on Haskell, the latest Python and Perl releases, Java, Lisp, mono and gtk#, Postgre SQL, My SQL, REALbasic, and of course C and C .

I’m using the old Gateway M460 laptop for this review, with 2 GB of RAM and an integrated graphics card.

Installation As should be no surprise these days, installation was fairly simple and took under half an hour.

The value of providing a “password strength” check is questioned by some people, but it’s a useful feature in my opinion – especially for the less-savvy folks who I think are the main target audience for PCLinux OS.


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