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For example, questions sought to assess teens' perceptions of abusive behaviors such as "telling girls which friends they can or cannot see or talk to" and "telling them they're ugly or stupid." Responses were assessed using a five-point scale that ranked answers from "not abusive" to "extremely abusive." Additional survey items assessed the athletes' level of agreement with statements such as "If a girl is raped it is often because she did not say no clearly enough;" or "A boy/man will lose respect if he talks about his problems." Youth were also asked about how likely they would be to intervene when witnessing various abusive behaviors, such as hearing a peer make derogatory comments about a girl's appearance.

WEAVE: Working to end domestic violence in Sacramento County Implementation of the Family Violence Prevention Fund's Coaching Boys into Men curriculum in Sacramento County high schools was conducted by WEAVE (Women Escaping a Violent Environment), according to Michael Minnick, the organization's Youth Violence Prevention Coordinator.

"WEAVE's teen educator provides educational presentations regarding teen dating violence and sexual assault to local middle and high schools.

Our prevention efforts also focus on raising the awareness of adults through community outreach.

Our work is also still rooted in ensuring services for victims.""We provide safe and confidential shelter, walk-in Triage services, therapeutic counseling, a 24-hour Support & Information Line, and a 24-hour Sexual Assault Response Team," Minnick said.

"WEAVE continues to be the provider of comprehensive services for our community."WEAVE is the primary provider of crisis intervention services for survivors of domestic violence and sole provider of crisis intervention services for victims of sexual assault in Sacramento County.

For the program, the coaches are trained in the use of the "Coaches Kit," a series of training cards that offers strategies for opening conversations about dating violence and appropriate attitudes toward women with young athletes.

The study was conducted among over 2,000 young male athletes in 16 high schools in four urban school districts in Sacramento County, Calif., between winter 2009 and fall 2010.Eight of the schools were randomly selected to receive the program, while the other eight schools served as comparisons.Of the coaches approached, 87 percent agreed to participate in the study.Male high school athletes' ability to recognize and intervene to stop dating violence -- the physical, sexual and emotional aggression prevalent in adolescent romantic relationships -- is improved with the intervention of some of the most important role models in young men's lives: their coaches.A new study conducted in Sacramento, Calif., led by UC Davis researchers has found that a structured program delivered by coaches, called "Coaching Boys into Men," is effective for discouraging adolescent dating violence.Parents are a teenager's primary source of information and guidance in matters of sex, sexuality, dating and love.


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