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Watching her tightly controlled rage which from time to time her humanity breaks through is simply a clinic.

We eventually find out that Mildred’s pain isn’t just because of the incompetence of the police; her last interaction with Angela literally sent her on the road to her fatal encounter.

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Three cast members received Oscar nominations – Mc Dormand, Rockwell and Harrelson – and there easily could have been more.

While it is Mc Dormand’s movie, it is not hers alone.

While this isn’t a perfect movie, it had the potential to be and if the second act had been a little better, this might have gotten a higher rating.

Still, it stands out in a year of really great independent films as one that is going to be in our hearts and minds for a long time to come.

Things begin to escalate in the war between the cops and Mildred; her surviving son Robbie (Hedges) is caught in the crossfire.

Yet all is not what it seems to be in Ebbing, Missouri.Nearly all of the characters are dealing with some sort of pain, either physical or emotional.The movie is about that true but it is also about forgiveness, redemption and humanity in the face of intolerable grief."We're in this watershed moment, and it's great, but I think one thing that's not being talked about is there are a whole s**t load of guys - the preponderance of men I've worked with - who don't do this kind of thing and whose lives aren't going to be affected," he told "AHHHHH! There is nothing that compares to the pain of a parent whose child has been murdered. Nine months have passed since her daughter Angela was raped and then set on fire by some sadistic freak.It is hard to believe this is Mc Donagh’s third feature and as good as are, this is by far the best of the three.

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