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I thank very much the bishop Dimitry and Ekaterina Viktorovna Onopchenko for taking care of my health, spirit and faith during my hard illness. At that time I had a backache and as a result an operation on the backbone and stillness within about a half a year.

It happened in the sad for me 2005. However in September of that year I began working on the my role in the television film" Firmennaya Istoriya" ("Brand Story") by director S.Arlanov.

In 2007 I got a role of Jenifer Mallon in the performance "On, Ona i Jenny" ("He, She and Jenny") by the script of Neil Simon.

Let me introduce myself.

I'm Nataly Goodkowa. I would like to tell you my summary biography.

I was born in 1977 on October, 23 in a Russian town Gor'kiy now Nizhniy Novgorod and brought up in Moscow.

I studied at The Moscow Chekhov Art Theatre School at the faculty "The film/theatre actor" and graduated it in 2000.

The story about my relatives could be very long and interesting...

If I had a wish I would write a book about my relatives. There are the four basic branches of my family: Sharov's, Stankevich's, Talanov's and Slavkin's.

My surname Goodkowa (Gudkova) is the surname of my great grandfather Leonid Gudkov and his son Boris Gudkov. Major-General Leonid Gudkov and Boris Gudkov were buried at the cemetery of Saint Petersburg. Let their souls reach the heaven!

I think an ordinary meeting, not very important at first glance, can be so helpful and great for our life later on.

They say that the fact that you have been living with a person side by side for a long time can be not as significant as an ordinary meeting.

My father is a Muscovite, my mother is from the Saratov district. They met each other in Gagri and married and got me and my brother about 2 years later.

By the way it was a complete surprise to my mother to give birthto twins. I mean me and my brother Ivan. They didn`t use ultrasound at that time. That's why my mother was told to keep to a diet against overweight. The idea about twins didn`t come to doctors` minds then. (So this wonderful birth, which would make such headline for the old paper became more wonderful for the following reason).

My mother had a traveling to her sister to Gorkiy. She hoped to be back to Moscow in time for delivery. However it began in the train... and continued in Gorkiy's maternity hospital №4.

All photos So I was born in an old unique Russian town.

The next day my mother, brother Ivan and me went to Moscow.

My brother Ivan is 20 minutes older than me. As for me: I have been following him (practically high and low for) all my life. Even he doesn't like it.

In 1995 I had a travel to TENNESY( USA) for the exchanging of the experience between our School and Germantown High School. It was a shock for me. I saw the different bright colors. I knew practically only two points before it.

I mean the everyday grey color.

At the celebrations especially to the communist party anniversary we had red flags, pioneer ties, posters and other attributes of the soviet order.

However I like my country very much. And The Moscow Red square doesn't have any general features with that. The distinguish feature of Moscow Red Square is only The Beauty. The word "Red" in "The Red Square" means the same as in "a beautiful girl". Of course, it is a different story...

I could name the time of our childhood "The Time of Troubles".

There was "Perestroyka a la Gorbachov" in Russia at that time. As you know the former Brezhnev's order of Stagnation was abolished but... There were many events and actions after that. For example the growth of small firms so called "kooperativy" in our country. My parents as engineers were down on. After that they decided to organize a "kooperativ" in our flat. Till nowadays I have a knowledge in the field of the production of the 'boiled' jeans.

1996, I'm studying at the first course of The Moscow Chekhov Art Theatre School.I entered the first course of E. Lazarev. I met so many unique young persons there. I mean Sasha Sokolov, Nastya Kaznacheeva, Denis Manohin, Kostya Konnushkin, Olga Dubossarskaya... What a wonderful time! What great ideas we had! At that time I had the role of Helen in the performance of A.Artamonov by the play of Tennesy Williams "Sladkoe Voskresenye", the role of Lorka Galin by the play D.Brusnikin "Zvesdi na Utrennem Nebe" (the stage manager D.Brusnikin), the role of Alla Vadimovna by the play of M.Bulgakov "Zoykina Kvartira" (the stage manager V.Hlevinsky).

I had so many significant events... The year 2000 was special for me. That year I married Denis Manohin, got my diploma of The Moscow Chekhov Art Theatre School.

By the way... I had my exam in dancing when I was pregnant... It was practically the time to give to birth to my dear son Nikolay.





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